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Wood houses – Garden houses


The problem of constructing the foundation is very important. The foundation must be absolutely horizontal and dry. For the stable, strong foundation the basic conditions are ground, straightness and even surface (the stamped pebble with laid plates or it must be a whole concrete plate).

Wood protection

Before the constructing, all building components, also for interior, must be carefully treated with special effective, deep- action wood protection (preventive protection against dyeing and mould). Use for final painting only weather-resistant paint primer, also in the interior, with high physical protection against humidity and UV-rays. Paint primer should be at the same time moisture-adjusting,water-proof and light-authentic.You are also to consider, that paint primer should contain enough color pigments, otherwise the wood can change the original color and will be gray. Please, do not use lacquer! It is recommended to consult a qualified seller and be informed about the protection of the untreated coniferous wood in outside. Alsow follow the instructions of paint manufacturer. Owing to sufficient wood protection you can significantly prolong working life of your garden house.